Board of Directors Announcement

Will Covington and Yvette King-Berg have been elected unanimously by the membership to serve three-year terms as members of the CharterSAFE Board of Directors. Speaking for all of us, this is really great news!

Since separating from CCSA in 2012 and becoming an autonomous organization, we've talked often about diversifying and expanding the board. With the growth in membership, the ever-changing complexity of the CharterSAFE organization, and our commitment to implementation of the new strategic plan, board member time demands and responsibilities have increased very significantly.

Our coverage plan and the way we deliver service to our members is moving in a new direction. We've adjusted our mission and changed staff roles and responsibilities. This is a perfect time to add capacity to enable increased board participation in guiding organizational change. Will Covington and Yvette King-Berg bring new perspectives, expertise and energy at a critical time for the organization.


Bob Coontz
President and CEO, CharterSAFE

   “Effectiveness and efficiency is a high priority for our HR Department, so when CharterSAFE sent HR professional Sharon Stull, J.D. to offer professional guidance and HR expertise to conduct an internal audit for us, we jumped on it. Her audit helped strengthen our organizations overall HR management, while also validating our areas of strength. Sharon even offered her assistance in management level training.”

– Rick Piercy, Chief Executive Officer, Lewis Center for Educational Research